Design Daily #1: Flight Lessons From The Firefly2

Enough with the stoner stereotypes already—basta y hasta, dudes. Because, in reality, in the here and now, cannabis is attracting nerds by the droves—the Nerd's nerds even. In fact, I would go so far as to say that cannabis is the New Geek Frontier—what craft industry holds a candle to its flame? What, beer? Wine? Tech . . .? Pshah: they ain't got nothing on weed, never mind weed tech. And here is a perfect example: the sweetly named and gorgeously designed Firefly2.

Now, being that I'm an absolute beginner, I was lucky—and I mean that quite sincerely—lucky enough to get a personal demonstration from Firefly2's very own Firecracker herself, Suzy Lanza—dry-run, sitting bar-side, all perfectly civilized and law-abiding, mind you. Twenty minutes later, I was still asking questions, trying to learn my way around.

In terms of sheer ergonomics, just the feel of it in my hand, the Firefly2 reminded me of a cross between a remote control and . . . a perfume bottle, actually. I'll give a full report as soon as I can, and I guarantee some trial, error, and impatience on my part, but still. We'll have fun.

Firefly's Suzy Lanza photographed by Charlie Watts.

For now, I'd simply say this was the most exciting piece of tech I've held in my hand since my first iPod.

That same feeling of, Wow, this is a really, really cool thing, and at the same time, I fully appreciate that I barely understand what this baby can do. So let's find out.