Hear This Mom's Heartbreaking Plea Asking President Obama To Reschedule Cannabis

President Obama has publicly stated he will not do anything about cannabis legalization for the rest of his presidency. It was frustrating news to hear for parents who are fighting for their children's lives. The only candidate running for president at this point who could possibly do the right thing and reschedule marijuana is Bernie Sanders.

If any of the other candidates win the general election it'll mean four more years of frustration.

Epilepsy and Medicinal Marijuana

We need to get this taken off the scheduled drug list not rescheduled! If it is rescheduled the 80% of people that use it for recreation would still be criminals. We would still have the same criminal justice problems with arresting and locking people up. When you are sick you need to be able to get the strains that work best for you and not what some company is trying to push. We already see the poisons that they push down our throats.

Posted by Life With Cannabis on Sunday, February 7, 2016