After 20 Months In Remission — Coltyn Turner Asks DEA Chief, "Am I A Joke?"

DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg is having a bad week. First, he called medical marijuana a joke (despite a stack of evidence the size of the Washington Monument that says otherwise), then a petition pops up calling for his head.

And things got even worse for Rosenberg as fellow lawmakers are now backing his ouster.

Mr. Rosenberg struck a nerve at the wrong time. It's not just that success stories of medical marijuana coming out almost daily prove medical marijuana isn't a joke. It's not just the fact that even the most anti-pot presidential candidate, Chris Christie, signed legislation allowing medical marijuana for children no less.

Rosenberg's comment about medical marijuana being a joke are suggest the nation's head of drug enforcement hasn't actually bothered spending any time keeping up on marijuana since the 1980's. It would be like a chef coming out to your table and saying, "We have some food to serve tonight. I don't know what it is, but we'll bring you some stuff."

via CBS Denver

Colorado's Coltyn Turner found Rosenberg's comment especially insulting. Coltyn's family moved to Colorado in 2014 to treat his Crohn's disease when he was 15. Coltyn told his local CBS Denver news station in an interview, "I'd rather be illegally alive than legally dead".

Coltyn had tried a number of "legal" drugs (ie.. big pharma pills) and found himself bound a wheelchair. Rosenberg could not be reached for comment for us to ask if he thought that was a joke.

Then, after twenty months of medical marijuana treatment, Coltyn took to Facebook with a message for Chuck Rosenberg: