WATCH: Colorado Gives Vets The Finger And Denies PTSD Treatment

How can Colorado be so cool by being the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, but pull a massive dick move and reject medical marijuana for veterans suffering from PTSD? Of all the things medical marijuana is good for, PTSD is definitely in the top 3, if not #1 on the list. And veterans already have enough of an uphill battle returning home from serving our country.

There's enough momentum gaining at the federal level to make medical marijuana more accessible to vets, so what gives, Colorado? It's not like the state doesn't have enough tax revenue from pot sales to support the idea. In fact, there's a surplus of tax revenue and more than enough opportunity to do the right thing.

The model of progress took two steps forward in 2014 by legalizing, but one hell of a step back with this week's ruling.Cannabis Patients Alliance director, Teri Robnett put it into context after the ruling, "We have 22 veterans a day across this country committing suicide." The Colorado Health board ignored testimony from PTSD sufferers and combat veterans when they voted 6-2 to reject the bid to add PTSD to the list of approved treatments. It was the third time PTSD has been rejected similar proposals. Our friends at NowThis news wrapped up the sentiment in this video: