Design Daily #10: The Cannabis Collection by Walnut Studiolo

You know, Smuggle Portland is another one of those new companies that's all too easy to support, given their thinking-globally, making-locally approach. "The Best of Oregon for Cannabis lovers everywhere," as they say, and true enough, their team has assembled an extremely handsome and finely finished array of our best local crafts and talents.

So that's where I came across this video about Valerie and Geoffrey Franklin of Walnut Studiolo, who describe themselves as a "less "Far out, man," more "Nicely done" leather-goods company. For sure. Because it's time to "class up your stash," ladies and gentlemen.

"With marijuana being legal now, we want to bring the feeling of, like, a 1950's wet bar to marijuana. Let's class it up," says Valerie Franklin. Could not agree more, and talk about rich leather feel. Mmmmm . . . you can practically smell that new-leather smell just looking at that box she's holding, aka the "Classy Stash."

Buttery, handmade, hand-stitched smoking accessories: you can see how beautifully the leather will wear with time. But it's that care, that human touch they give that promises Walnut Studio's leather accessories will become one of those storied personal items passed down in a family. Well, here's hoping.

Walnut Studiolo's Brass Storage Tube. Photo courtesy Love from Oregon

There's smuch more to say about Smuggle, their Meet the Makers video series, their creative thinking in cannabis finance, lots of things. So, to be continued. In the meantime, Walnut Studiolo is available through their Etsy shop and Smuggle Portland/Love from Oregon.