Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo Coming to LA

Have you been one of the many individuals who are ready to dive right into the cannabis industry but unsure of where to begin? Well in one week cannabis entrepreneurs, businesses, enthusiasts and everything in between have the chance to get a first look at the growing cannabis industry by attending the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in LA September 16-18th. Pre-sale tickets to just the expo start at $125 while the full conference is $295, if you wait to purchase tickets on site the prices go to $175 and $495.

Attendees will get a three day pass to listen to some of the biggest influencers in the business including that of key note speakers Melissa Etheridge, Ethan Nadelmann the director of the Drug Policy Alliance and George Zimmer, the founder of Men's Warehouse. Attendees can also expect to hear from CEOs, Founders, Patients and many women who have jumped in the marijuana industry with their heads held high. We will see many organizations there such as Women Grow, Crowd Fund Connect, Clover Leaf University, WeedGear, also Attorneys and Advisors from multiple companies will be speaking plus so much more.

The stereotypes of stoners being incompetent is long gone as they're proving to be quite resourceful, productive, and engineers despite negative criticism in the past. The expo focuses on what's happening in the industry, what products are hot on the market and how you can become successful with a marijuana business. Los Angeles was chosen to host the event due to the large number of medical marijuana patients at 572,762, and it's the largest city in California which holds a state market at $980 million.

LA also happens to be the most popular and laid back city for marijuana. California alone has more mainstream investors dumping loads into its market that is currently booming. This is your opportunity to get your foot in the door with the best in the business, whether you're there for the workshops or exhibits.

The expo will start on Wednesday Sept 16 and ends on Friday Sept 18th, however there is a workshop that will run through Sept 19th. The days began at 10:30 am after registration and goes all day until around 6pm. Each day you have the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the most powerful influencers in the cannabis industry today, test out new products, learn how to get a business started, advice from advisors and there will even be attorneys on hand for any legal help.

If you must travel long distance to attend the expo discounts have been applied at top of the line hotels that partnered with the event in the area as well as discounts for rental cars. If you can't make this expo they also hold one in New York as well. One thing to be include in your bag are comfy shoes for the long day of walking.

The following exhibits, seminars, products and services attendees can expect at the expo.

  • Accounting & Insurance Services
  • Advertising & Marketing Agencies
  • Banking & Payment Processing Services
  • Botanicals
  • Containers, Bottles, & Packaging
  • Dispensing & Vending Machines
  • Displays & Fixtures
  • Grow Lights
  • Hemp Products
  • Hydroponics & Cultivation Products
  • Infused Edibles & Beverages
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lawyers & Legal Resources
  • Licensing Services
  • Medical Resources
  • Paraphernalia (Head Shop & Smoke Shop Goods)
  • POS & Management Software
  • Private Equity & Investment Resources
  • Professional Training & Education
  • Security Services & Equipment
  • Seed Banks
  • Testing & Lab Services
  • Tinctures, Tonics, & Topicals
  • Vaporizers

Courtesy of cwcbexpo