You Won't Believe What Classes Are Being Added To The University Of Denver Fall Schedule (Hint: it has to do with weed)

You Won't Believe What New Classes Are Being Taught At The University of Denver

The Univerisity of Denver has a new course this semester—Cannabis Journalism. Creative writing just got a lot more creative with journalist advancing with the time. The Cannabis business in America is booming and nations all over the world are taking note. That leaves the news game in need of professionals to cover this growing industry, a industry that has taken over Colorado.

The University in Colorado's course in Cannabis Journalism will examine the legalization of Cannabis both medical and recreational. The course description is as follows:

Investigating the scope of the marijuana legalization movement and its many political and practical intricacies, we also will be presenting this project with original data and multimedia elements conceived and designed to push and promote enterprising storytelling on a national level. Students will visit and interview dispensaries, industry professionals and private citizens to produce a portfolio piece of narrative journalism using the modes and methods of their choice, with direction of the instructor. We will question this topic using Bruce Barcott's new book Weed the People as our lens, along with the Denver Post's Cannabist outlet for a local angle.