Is It a Burger? Is It A Pizza? It's Both and the Internet Is Going Nuts

By now, we've grown accustomed to the fact that chain restaurants overseas are NOT quite what we're used to in the good old US of A — McDonald's, for instance, offered its China patrons bright green Angry Birds burgers, with gravy fries for our friends in Australia, while Krispy Kreme Japan gave its customers a taste of watermelon-chocolate donuts.

The latest restaurant using its international consumers as guinea pigs? Domino's India, which is now offering — get this — burger pizza.

With little fanfare or explanation required ("Looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza" is the slogan), Dominos is seemingly relying on its WTF factor to attract its Indian clientele — that, and word of mouth, which it's getting plenty of as can be seen from the Tweets below:

But how does it taste? While hype for this hybrid concoction is up, reviews are mixed. @kunalkalra88 says it's great…

While @tweet2_ravi says not so much.

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    <p>Since we can't taste this oddity ourselves without one heck of a plane ride, we're gonna' need you to get on the same page with this one and come to a swift and judicial verdict! We're more than a little curious, and you're our only hope.<span></span><br></p><p><em>(h/t <a href="" target="_blank">Hello Giggles</a>, photos via <a href="" target="_blank">Dominos India</a>)</em><span></span><br></p><p><br></p>