San Francisco Native Margaret Cho Stars In New Pot "Dramedy"

San Francisco's very own Margaret Cho will be starring in a new marijuana-themed "dramedy" on Amazon Prime that's aimed at families.

Yes you read that correctly. Cho is starring in a pot show that's made for Mommy, Daddy, little Betty Jean and Timmy too.

According to Variety magazine, the hour-long show titled Highlands (sounds more like an early 90's martial arts show) follows Cho's character as she gets a chance to start over after a court ordered stay in rehab, only to move in with her dysfunctional family who now runs a pot dispensary.

"Highland" was written by Liz Sarnoff, who has also written for "Deadwood," "Lost," and "Alcatraz", none of which I have actually been high enough to watch. I like Cho however, and would be willing to give this the old college view.

A long-time stand-up comedian, Cho recently guest starred on ABC's Ken Jeong comedy "Dr. Ken." She had a longtime role on "Drop Dead Diva," and also recently appeared on E!'s "Fashion Police."

Cho is known within the marijuana community as being a vocal advocate, as well as consumer of cannabis. Not that she's getting high and yelping about pot as if she has turrets, she just loves talking about weed as much as she likes partaking of it. Hell Cho just LOVES weed:

photo courtesy of High Times

Margaret Cho and Snoop Getting High

A fun lil' factoid:

Cho has also been working on "#BeRobin: The Movie," a documentary about helping San Francisco's homeless population, which included two months of daily busking on city streets to raise money and awareness. If, like me, you think you would have noticed Margaret Cho busking on the streets on S.F. well, maybe not.