Can Medical Marijuana Help Military Veterans With PTSD?

Do you ever stop to think about the men or women who protect our country when they return home from serving? How about the veterans who served long ago? They are sadly forgotten by society and slip into the shadows where they become isolated and depressed. They come home to their lives and families, but the scars of war remain for years.

According to The National Journal, 22 veterans commit suicide every day which equates to over 8,000 per year. A researcher at Yale University is running a long-term study of 120 veterans with "intractable cases of PTSD". He believes the results will show veterans can be cured of their condition with marijuana. His theory is that THC can help the brain learn new information. In other words, it helps "rewire" veteran's brains to forget the old information that links to PTSD. It's called "Extinction Learning".

Veterans may get help finally soon in the form of the 2016 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill, which Congress is set to vote on soon.

Currently, under the V.H.A. Directive 2011-004 act, V.A. physicians are forbidden from giving out any medical marijuana recommendations even if it is state legalized. The 2016 Appropriations Bill will be re-introducing the Veterans Equal Access amendment (VEAA). It would allow veterans to legally secure a medical marijuana recommendation from a V.A. physician in states that allow medicinal marijuana. The VEAA would also ban the V.A. from using any form of funding to try and punish any physicians who write these recommendations.

We are keeping our veterans from not only accessing a safer medicine, but from happiness in general. Help veterans finally be heard. Call and email your U.S. Representative today to vote YES on Veterans Equal Access Amendment!

Click here to send an email to your U.S. Representative about voting YES on the Veterans Equal Access Amendment.

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