5 Types of 3D Printers That Can Print Weed For You

Okay, let me preface this article by stating "no, you did not read that title wrong". 3D printers can now print weed for you. Gasp, I know.

Yes, 3D Printers can now print super potent weed strains and weed accessories all in the comfort of your own office space, mad laboratory or trailer home, granted you don't already live in state where you can simply put a seed into the soil and watch it grow. In that case, what are you thinking? Just plant that shit.

MakerBot 3D Printer

One of the more well-known printers on the market (if 3D Printers are you specialty) is MakerBot. With the aid of this printer people can make anything from chairs to dollhouses to silicone dildos. Now you can even print certain cannabis strains. All you have to do is:

  1. Type what you want to make into the machine
  2. Download the file.
  3. Allow your 3D printer will do the rest.

I'm sure there's more science/black magic involved but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.


Seattle Startup Printabowl has already been featured on Weedhorn, so some of you may be familiar with them. For those not in the know, Printabowl is a 3D Printer that creates water pipes for smoking Texas Tea (i.e grass). Their aesthetically pleasing limited-edition Cumulo collection features three designs that reference organic forms, such as angular crystals and rippling liquid. Tres' chic.


3Dponics (which previously specialized in print-at-home DIY hydroponic systems for gardening), just released some pretty nifty plans for a printable pot garden that aims to make growing your own weed a breeze. The folks at 3Dponics claim that "One of (our) main goals with this new system is to give city dwellers an easy, compact and inexpensive way to grow their own weed". I couldn't agree more. The system functions as a modular garden, essentially operating like any other drip hydroponics system. Water is pumped from the reservoir to the top of the system and slowly but steadily drips continuously, keeping your ganja plants hydrated and happy.

Syqe Medical 3D Printing

Based out of Israel (a country with its own set of unique marijuana laws) Syqe Medical prints pocket-sized metered dose cannabis inhalers for use in hospital settings and at home. Hoping to move the bar forward in the medical marijuana inhaler industry (yes, that is a thing now), the company is hoping to help medical marijuana doctors to overcome the unpredictability of prescribing cannabis. Currently the inhaler is the first drug delivery platform of its kind.

Rostock 3D Printer

The story goes something like this: A man named Ben and some of his pot pals were sitting around blazing some reefer when Ben suddenly had one of those "Ah-Ha' stoner moments. You know those moments where you come up with what you feel is the most brilliant idea to grace someones frontal lobe? Yeah well fortunately for Ben his "Ah-Ha" moment was fairly feasible, that is, printing a 3D Bong. After initially balking at the notion Ben decided to do his homework. He went to his laptop and started browsing for bong models. Eventually he found an STL file of a bong on Thingiverse, Makerbot's community for sharing and making 3D printed things. The rest, as the old cliche' goes, is stoner history.

Have you ever tried any of these 3D printers? Have you created your own piece or super potent strain? Let us know in the comment section!