3 Reasons Why You Should Sous Vide Your Weed

Sous vide is every top chef's secret weapon to making delicious food, consistently. Since you're cooking underwater at a very precise temperature, sous vide lends itself perfectly to cannabis cooking--no more smelly crockpots! This method is discreet and safe. Here are some great reasons from Leafly on why you should consider switching from your traditional approach to making edibles to the sous weed method.

1. Sous vide offers precise and easy temperature control

Image from Nomiku

A major concern while infusing cannabis into oil is the temperature. THC will not bind to the oil if it's too cool and will lose potency if it's too hot. With precise the temperature control of sous vide, you won't run the risk of wasting any of your bud. Since the cannabis and oil is sealed in a jar, you can make multiple infusions and flavors in each sous vide water bath, which is another perk to the method.

2. Sous vide is hands-free and low stress

Infusing your butters and oils can take hours of babysitting an open stovetop fire or a bubbling crockpot but with the sous vide method, you can set it and forget it. It's as simple as pouring oil and cannabis into a jar dropping it into the water bath. This opens up a lot of time for you to do other things throughout your day.

3. Sous vide is courteous and covert


Everyone knows cannabis cooking can get a bit smelly with the traditional stovetop or crockpot method. But with the sous vide method, it's virtually scentless since you're cooking underwater in an airtight jar or zip-seal bag. Super stealthy!

h/t Leafly | Philip Bjorge