10 People Who Wore The Wrong Shirt On The Wrong Day

Ah, picture day. They tell you it's coming way in advance, but from time to time it can slip your mind. Unfortunately for these kids (and fortunately for the internet) they decided to wear the wrong shirt for picture day. It's nothing a few years of therapy can't fix, but it's a reminder to not make the same mistake as these individuals...

1. Voted 'Most Likely to Smoke Weed' which explains why he forgot today was picture day.

2. When you wear a solid green shirt.

3. He tried to be funny but it backfired.

4. Her phone hasn't stopped ringing off the hook.

photo: toinfinityandbeyonce

5. Don't leave him alone...with anyone.

photo: babble


7. Not babysitter material.

8. He got confused with pajama day.

9. Unfortunate American Eagle tee.

10. At least he wears it proudly.