10 Careers In The Growing Cannabis Industry

It seems everyone is looking for a career in the exploding cannabis industry. The U.S. Marijuana industry alone is currently worth an estimated $3.7 billion dollars with more room to expand at a rapid pace. Expansion in the industry includes new employment opportunities and careers for thousands. We decided to take a look at some of the top careers out in the cannabis field today.


CannaSol Farms

A marijuana farmer or grower may often be referred to as a cultivator. Cultivators oversee the entire grow process from start to finish. As a first time grower I recommend doing your research and you should also take a few classes in growing as it will help ensure the quality of your final product as well as providing you with an unimaginable amount of knowledge.

Starting out as a cultivator can bring in around $10 an hour while experienced growers can bring in salaries nearing $120K if not more. If you don't know the name Kyle Kushman as a cultivator it'll be one of the first names you come across. He is a internationally renowned marijuana cultivator that's leading the cannabis industry right now with over 13 Medical Cannabis Cups awards. Growing is not easy and will take time to find the right method that works for you.


Photo Credit: pro420.co

I like to think of trimmers as the 'Edward Scissorhands' of marijuana. They are the ones who shape the bud to its final form. Usually a trimmer spends 30-60 hours a week trimming dried marijuana plants in preparation for distribution. This is one of the jobs that you start at the bottom with to work your way up.

You'll likely be working for a mass grower or dispensary and compensation for trimmers is quite different. The majority of trimmers are compensated with a weekly rate, cannabis and food. The weekly rate is often lower than minimum wage making it a second job for most.


A budtender is just like a bartender inside a dispensary. They are responsible for giving all first time patients a run down of pricing and products in the dispensary. Bud tenders are also required to be quite knowledgeable on products as they must make recommendations for patients. As a bud tender you will also need to have a medical marijuana license in states where it is required. Bud tenders are compensated on hourly rates with perks like discounts on cannabis and the fact that your boss is totally cool that you're buzzed.

Cannabis Journalists

Cannabis News is on the rise with Weedhorn itself being the First Mainstream Marijuana News Site to launch in April of this this year. One journalist could never cover each cannabis story or event no matter how much free time they may have. This is an area with room for many. Everyone is anticipating the minute they can turn on the news and watch the Spannabis Cup live from Spain or coverage of the High Times Cannabis Cup. The University Of Denver is now offering courses in Cannabis Journalism for those that wish to report on the cannabis industry. If you're not in the Denver area you can get started by being a freelance writer for news sites and just like the rest, work your way up to securing your dream job.

Edibles Baker

The brownies you'll be baking won't be for the kids. Cannabis Bakeries seem just like every other bakery in town with the exception of giant 50 lb. marijuana bags lining the back shelves. Some bakers work straight from their home kitchen while others set up a complete shop for distribution. If you have visited a marijuana dispensary recently you will have noticed they offer edibles in any form you can imagine from brownies to pizza to pastries and even drinks.

Bakers are in a higher demand in some states as the current laws restricts patients from smoking cannabis. Edibles help provide a safer alternative to those with serious health conditions. A few months ago I met a woman in her late fifties that bakes edibles out of her home. She was diagnosed with epilepsy among other life threatening conditions to which she uses her gluten free medicated chocolate chip cookies to treat. She has the pure joy of literally waking and baking every morning.

Cannabis Consultants

Dr.Dina Marijuana Consultant Photo Credit: CannabisNowMagazine.co

Consulting in the cannabis industry can mean an array of things. You may be a consultant for cultivators providing them with ways to improve growing. You may be a consultant for businesses on how to file the proper paperwork or you may even consultant for social media outlets. Whatever the job is you should be very knowledgable on the subject providing clients with the utmost professional experience. You could wind up consulting for the government or even celebrities.

Glass Blower

Have you always enjoyed just staring at your favorite glass piece for hours admiring its custom details and quality design? You can thank the glass blower that made it. Thanks to the rise in cannabis consumption, the glass market is back in action reaping the benefits. Our good friends over at Chameleon Glass have been leading pioneers for over twenty years in the glass world creating some of the most detailed and unique pieces on the glass market today. In the beginning it's likely you'll start with an apprenticeship having to prove yourself working up through the ranks.

Delivery Drivers

Just like pizza hut needs drivers so does the weed hut. In many states dispensaries are opting for delivery for safer and discrete distribution. Delivery drivers are required to have their own transportation, insurance, a valid drivers license and a medical marijuana license where needed. This is a cannabis career where being buzzed at work is definitely frowned upon. You don't want to be carrying a pound of dank kush to drop off and slam into the back of someone's Mercedes. One down side is delivery drivers are recommended to carry a form of protection as you risk the possibility of getting robbed.


This is for every stoner that's ever had a great idea. Ganja-Preneurs are the leading innovators for cannabis. Cannabis is an open goldmine ready for business. You can currently find everything from apps, food, buds, paraphernalia, clothing and everything in between infused with or revolving around marijuana. The cannabis community is loud and proud with new cannabis themed products launching daily. Whether you want to develop a product or a platform is where you'll have to make decisions. Get your best buds together, have a smoke session, write down all your high thoughts and launch your business the next day. The right business module may just secure that million dollar investment you need.

Extraction Technician

Extraction Lab Photo Credit: DixieElixirs.co

This is the one career that gets to be dangerous. Extraction processes are still very new with many using harmful or explosive methods. Many think it's as easy as just mixing a few components together in your backyard and voilĂ  you've got yourself a gram of wax, before blowing to pieces just seconds later. The process in which you use butane to extract oil is now banned or illegal in most states. Now the processes are typically done in a safe work environment with lab tested chemicals.