11 Delectable Pipes for Foodie Friends

1. Chameleon Glass Chili Peppers

From Chameleon Glass

These chili pepper pipes from Chameleon Glass are hot hot hot! I personally own the red one and I love the little guy.

2. Ice Cream Cone Hand Pipe from Mathematix

Photo from dankstop.com

Chill out with this adorable ice cream cone from Mathematix.

3. Banana Pipe from Chameleon Glass

Photo from everypipe.com

This pipe from Chameleon Glass is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

4. Honeybee Sidecar Dab Rig by Silika

Photo from Dank Stop

Pour some sugar on me! This dab rig by Silika looks like a bee hive oozing with honey.

5. Master Shake Dab Rig

Photo from Dank Stop

Everyone's favorite character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the inspiration behind this rig by Crush Glass.

6. Munchies Pipe by Apollo Glassworks

Photo from Etsy

This pizza pipe from Apollo Glassworks looks like munchies and will give you the munchies.

7. Lollipop Swirl by Mathematix

Photo by Dank Stop

This lollipop pipe by Mathematix is pretty sweet.

8. Apple Glass by Apollo Glassworks

Photo from Etsy

This pipe from Apollo Glassworks is an homage to college when we were all carving hacky pipes from cafeteria apples.

9. Turkey Leg Pipe by RightLeftBrains

Photo from Etsy

This turkey leg pipe by RightLeftBrains is great for celebrating the holidays with the family.

10. Avocado Glass by HumblePrideGlass

Photo from Etsy

This avocado from HumblePrideGlass is perfect for guacamole lovers!

11. Fruit Bowl by HumblePrideGlass

Photo from Etsy

Consume a couple bowls of fruit in the morning for a healthy breakfast and grab this collectible glass set from HumblePrideGlass.